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Project 1: Construction of a solar powered, potable water reticulation system, Pouni Village, Burkina Faso

Middle Island’s first project was completed in August 2011 in partnership with French NGO, Eau Vive, regional authorities and local communities. The project involved the construction of a potable water reticulation system to 1,000 residents around the relatively dispersed village of Pouni Nord at the Company’s Reo gold project in Burkina Faso. Under the guidance and management of Eau Vive, the project was completed on time and within budget. The community contributed labour to the project and Eau Vive are actively training residents to maintain the system, with small water charges being levied on residents by the village council to ensure limited on-going maintenance can be sustainably funded. The official opening of this first community project occurred in early November 2011, with the ribbon being cut by the Burkina Faso Minister for Mines, Quarries and Energy.

In order to enhance the sustainability of this project, support of the Water Management Committee by Eau Vive has been on-going since construction and, with support from the Development Aid Programme of the Australian Government, the system has been switched to solar power and extended to supply water to both the local school and health care centre.


Villagers at Pouni Nord previously carried water considerable distances from the only available hand pump.


A new solar powered pump now lifts water to elevated tanks from where it is gravity reticulated.