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Project 2: Construction and furnishing of a primary school, latrine block & water well, Koutougou village, Niger

At the Nassilé Project in Niger, Middle Island constructed a primary school in Koutougou village, adjacent to the Company’s camp. Following completion, school enrolments increased from 40 to over 100 and the three teachers and their students can now work in comfortable conditions, with an easy source of water for the school day thanks to the new hand pump and clean latrine toilets.

In keeping with the company’s commitment to partnerships to ensure quality projects and enhance impact, the company collaborated with the NGO, Eau Vive, to deliver this priority project in consultation with the local community and the Niger Government. The project was co-funded by Eau Vive partners “Eau Sans Frontières” and the Australian Government, via its Development Aid Programme (DAP), who kindly agreed to furnish and equip the school.

The new construction was inaugurated on 1 December 2012, in the presence of His Excellency Ian McConville, then Australian High Commissioner to Nigeria.

The school curriculum now incorporates a health and hygiene component, centred on the correct use of latrines and hand washing, along with the safe storage of drinking water in the home. Previous experience indicates that these lessons are commonly taken back to parents for application in the domestic environment, thereby extending the educational reach of such projects to the wider community.

The new well also provides a safe source of drinking water for Koutougou village, supplementing the single existing supply that is presently shared with livestock. A small school fee and water use charge is levied on families, with proceeds administered by the Parent & Teacher Association (PTA) to sustain the purchase of classroom and latrine consumables.


Teachers and students standing in front of their old classrooms, low makeshift thatch shelters the walls of which were regularly blown away or consumed by livestock.


The new school building has three classrooms, a latrine block and a water pump.