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Investment Risks

Investment Risks

As set out above, an investment in Middle Island Resources must be considered a speculative investment. Investors should appreciate that the value of their investment may fluctuate considerably due to many influences. Whilst the Company will attempt to minimise the following risk factors, many of them are beyond its control and no assurances can be given that any of the risk factors will not adversely impact the Company. Investors should consider the risk factors described below before deciding whether to invest. The following outlines some of the major risk factors to which the Company is exposed.

Statements of Intention

Certain information on this website refers to the intentions of Middle Island Resources, but these are not intended to be forecasts, forward looking statements, or statements about future matters for the purposes of the Corporations Act or any other applicable law. The occurrence of events in the future are subject to risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause MDI’s actual results, performance or achievements to differ from those referred to on this website. There is no guarantee that the stated intentions will actually occur as contemplated.

Exploration Success

Potential investors should understand that mineral exploration and development is a high risk undertaking. There can be no assurance that the mineral exploration activities on the Company’s properties, whether current or future properties, will result in the exploitation of an economic mineral resource. Exploration may be unsuccessful, or be more costly or time consuming than expected. If an estimation of the possible recoverable amount of any mineral is made, this may be proved incorrect by future exploration and/or production.

Commodity Price Volatility and Exchange Rate Risks

Should the Company achieve success leading to mineral production, the revenue it will derive through the sale of commodities exposes the potential income of the Company to commodity price and exchange rate risks. Commodity prices fluctuate and are affected by many factors beyond the control of the Company. Such factors include supply and demand fluctuations, technological advances, forward selling activities and other macro-economic factors. Commodity prices and movements in foreign currency exchange rates have a substantial impact on exploration projects, and consequently could impact the value and trading price of the shares.

Environmental and Social Risks

The projects and activities of the Company will be subject to the laws and regulations regarding environmental and social matters in the jurisdictions in which they are located, as well as those required under Australian and international laws and regulations. It is the Company’s intention to conduct its activities to the highest possible international environmental and social standards, including compliance with all relevant legislation.

General Risks

There are a number of general risks associated with any investment in mineral exploration companies. The Company would hope to develop new projects as opportunities arise. The economic feasibility of any individual project and all such projects collectively is based on a substantial number of assumptions, including estimates of reserves, recovery rates, projection rates and capital and operating costs of such development projects, and future metal prices. As a result, it is possible that actual operating costs and economic returns may differ materially from project forecasts.